PEDP implementation in Mvomero district in Tanzania.

anticipations, realities and way forward

  • Dominic T Msabila Mzumbe University
  • Alphonce Dossa Mzumbe University
Keywords: PADEP, Education


Provision of education is in Tanzania has been accorded greater emphasis with the government putting more weight on the development of basic education. This kind of education is seen as the right to everyone in the country. Without this type of education a person can encounter so man problems that he/she cannot solve easily. It is the education that once given effectively opens the gates for further human development. In fact once basic education is not given effectively, the progress and performance of a person in other levels tends to be poor. The government therefore has focused much attention on this type of education because of its role in setting a foundation for other levels. This paper therefore has been prepared to discuss the extent to which the Primary Education Development Plan was implemented in Mvomero district with the purpose of identifying successes and challenges that were encountered. The paper also provides a way forward toward success in the implementation of PED II. The paper is based on a research which was conducted in Mlali and Mzumbe wards in Mvomero district. The study employed interview, questionnaires, observation and documentary review in obtaining data. During execution of the research the researchers applied a case study design. The findings of the study were also compared with other studies in order to have a comprehensive picture regarding PEDP implementation in Tanzania


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Msabila, D., & Dossa, A. (2018). PEDP implementation in Mvomero district in Tanzania. Uongozi Journal of Management and Development Dynamics, 23(1).