Why few e-governance projects are successful?

Case study of Kinondoni municipality in Dar es salaam, Tanzania

  • George Bea Mzumbe University
  • Edmund Matotay Mzumbe University
Keywords: e-government, electronic government


This paper examines factors that improved performance of the Kinondoni Municipal Councils E-government Project, as among the few successful projects in Dar es salaam, Tanzania (Menda, 2005). The study was prompted by the World Bank’s (2004) statement that majority of e-governance projects (85%) in developing countries are either total or partial failure. Researchers then decided to study this interesting phenomenon so that success factors to be noted could be used as lessons to improve performance of other e-governance projects in the country. Both qualitative and quantitative data were collected using semi-structured interviews supplemented by document analysis. A total of 35 respondents interviewed, were selected using purposive sampling procedure. Data were analysed descriptively and were presented in tables and percentages. Internal and external changes brought by the project were respectively examined using strategies for implementing ICTs in organisations which are: Business Process Automation (BPA), Business Process Improvements (BPI) and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), and the three domains of e-governance i.e. e-administration, e-services and e-society. These show benefits realized by the Municipality.

Success factors noted from the findings include: funding from the Municipality, support from top management and staff, increase in the need of using computers, commitment of the ICTs’ staff, proximity to computer accessories and customization of the systems. Challenges encountered and benefits realized were also examined.

The paper argues that other local government authorities that have e- governance projects including those which expects to establish the said projects need to learn success factors from KMC e-governance project so that they can improve performance of their projects for the benefits of their staff and citizens.


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