Tracing the Local Government Reforms for Development

A Difference Made?

  • Henry A Mollel
Keywords: local government reforms


The recognition that participation is a crucial strategy for development has been in the heart of the Tanzanian Government since independent in 1961. However, despite a strong recognition to make participation a reality, the government efforts have often ended with little or no success. The Local Government Reform which is guided by the policy of Decentralization by Devolution (DbyD) could be seen as government attempt to correct the previous mistakes in making participation a reality. Through the Local Government Reform, there has been serious government attempt to change the previous top down planning process to bottom up. This attempt has also included the introduction of a planning tool known as Opportunity and Obstacles to Development (O&OD). O&OD is a multi-sectoral participatory community planning tool that has been introduced to empower the people on the basis of bottom up planning approach and positive thinking. This paper attempts to show, how the current government efforts through local government reform is designed and institutionalised to facilitate participation for local development, and to what extent has this been a reality.


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Mollel, H. (2012). Tracing the Local Government Reforms for Development. Uongozi Journal of Management and Development Dynamics, 23(1).